Kemin Crop Technologies and Holden Research and Consulting Live Webinar

This webinar is a DPR approved class to help you earn 1.5 Continuing Education (CE) hours.

Speakers: Emily Fuerst, R&D Director at Kemin Crop Technologies and David Holden, PCA and Consultant at Holden Research and Consulting.

During the live webinar, you'll learn: -About the nature of mites and lygus bug (western tarnished plant bug) populations, -The role these pests play in suppressing strawberry production on the coast of California, -How to manage them using beneficial predators and which are the better insects to use against them, -About Kemin’s rosemary oil-based contact miticide-insecticide TetraCURB™, its mode of action, efficacy trials and more, -How to use TetraCURB to control soft-bodied insects and mite pests on strawberries.

Take the examination here:

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